Browly Adjavon & Inga Kurcisa

Browly is one of those leaders who gives you positive energy and sense of humor. He smiles constantly because he just loves to dance and it is just so natural for him to give that feeling to his partners! Browly loved to dance since he remembers whether solo or in tandem. He was inspired by a variety of musical genres, and only in West Coast Swing did he find the kind of dance that allowed him to combine all these influences. His first encounter with the WCS was not love at first sight, but after committing his time to learn our fabulous dance he quickly fell in love with it. Since then Browly has travelled and been trained by the best teachers. His naturally dance ability quickly got him promoted to the All Star Division and he successfully competes at this level placing highly in many competitions. As a result, he is a hugely popular teacher in Europe both in workshops and individual lessons. Browly explains in a clear and logical way, with an emphasis primarily on technique and interpretation of the music. Those looking for a great teacher and social dancer, look no further because you have found Browly Adjavon!

Inga has been dancing since a very young age. From the age of 6 to 10 she danced Show dance, developing her dance technique in different styles. After a short break, in her teenage years she returned to the same dance style, additionally taking classes in hip-hop and classic. After another break Inga returned to dancing at age 22 what this time was Sport Line dance. While she was dancing Line dances, she got to know West Coast Swing. Inga was immediately amazed by it, so Line dance was put aside. After a few years of teaching West Coast Swing, Inga realized she wants to dedicate her life to dance. Therefore, she got education related to dance. During her studies, she took classes in hip-hop and classical dance, additionally learning Latvian folk dance, contemporary and jazz dance. Last 4 years she is also part of Latvian folk dance. She is been working with children from age 4 to 18 in one of the biggest children folk dance company in Latvia.