Marta Nita & Piotr „Badman” Lenart

They got into the international WCS world in 2012 and instantly fell in love not only with the dance, but also with the community. Since that time they’ve attended over 70 events. They keep attending various levels workshops to keep up with the new WCS trends. Working with different instructors through private classes, workshops and intensives, they are constantly developing technically and stylistically. They are not only active community members, but also certified WCS instructors. Currently they successfully teach in their home country as well as abroad. Their life goal is simple: spread the WCS love.
Piotr, a teacher by education, uses his qualifications and teaching experience at the dance classes to keep the lessons as informative and funny as possible. He doesn’t seem to ever get bored with talking about WCS. Currently the highest rated WCS dancer in Poland, who excels at clear leading, maintaining connection and squeezing as much fun from the dance as possible.
Marta is the brain of all the workshops they teach together. She is a smooth moving, clean dancer. Extremely leadable and patient while dancing, she’s able to adapt to her partner’s lead tension and energy. A dance with her is a real pleasure.
Marta and Piotr are known in Poland as “Sezon na Westa” (Westie Season), organizing regular classes, weekly practices and regular workshops with local and international teachers in Warsaw. In addition, together with some Westie friends, they run Projekt West page on facebook to support community in Poland and are known to have introduced mad dogs shots to the WCS world. If you wish to know more, you can check their activities on