We would like to make sure that everybody gets all important information about the registration to King Swing 2020:)  
What we wrote down here is nothing new... but we want to be sure that everybody is aware of those rules ;) 

1. REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON 11.11.2019 AT 5 p.m. sharp!

For prices just scroll down :) 

2. Will the prices go up by the number of registered dancers or will there be time limits?

We will have time limits, NOT amount limits. 
After you have sent the registration form wait for confirmation email. When you recieve it you will have 14 days to make the payment and keep your place at this price.

3. Do I need to register in couple or can I register as a single dancer?

This is a difficult topic ;)
We wouldn't like to create a situation in which single followers can't register and we want to be fair to everyone BUT still we need to motivate leaders somehow..


Couples will have priority before single dancers which MEANS:
You CAN register as a SINGLE dancer - and it will GUARANTEE you the PRICE, but NOT the place.

HOWEVER: what you also need to know is that if a couple registers after you - they will be put on the event list before you. After sending us your single registration you can look for a leader who will register with you, but even when it happens, your place on the event list won't change and you will still be placed after that other couple (your price will remain unchanged).

So if you want to be sure that you can join the event the best way is to register as a COUPLE.
Single followers will need to wait until single leaders will register (or opossite, but you know how it works...)
Of course we are sure that there will be place for some single dancers but the number of spots depends on the number of single registrations of both genders. ;) 

If you register in couple you need to have the same type of pass (full or party), but you can still choose different workshop levels with full pass.

4. ALLstars discount:

Message for the ALL-STAR WSDC DANCERS:
The King rewards Bravery and Skill, so the mighty warriors of the:

- All-Star WSDC Division - FIRST 6 Leaders and first 6 Followers will be welcomed at his court with a free pass and they don't have to care about gender balance 
(but they still need to register - and we'll ask you about judging competitions :) :) :) ). Next All-star dancers will have 50% discount from current price.



If you decide to join our spring partner event (in case you haven’t yet :) ) then you’ll enjoy a 10 EURO DISCOUNT from their prices, courtesy of our cooperation!
If you've done it already then you'll enjoy a 10 EUR DISCOUNT from our prices, that comes off the pass type of your choice :)

*Important notes:
a. It works only if you want FULL PASS to BOTH events
b. To TAKE a DISCOUNT just mark Westie Spring Thing 2020 in the comment section, so we know you are entitled for the discount.
c. You will be entitled for the discount when our partner confirm that you've registered already for theirevent.
d. Please remember: if you use cancelation policy of one of our events you will not be entitled for this discount.
e. If you have free pass for one event: King Swing or Westie Spring Thing - you have only 5 EUR discount to second event.
Westie Spring Thing 2020 facebook event/website link comes HERE



Early Bird - Lancelot Price


Normal Bird - Merlin Price


Late Bird - King Arthur Price



120 EUR up to the 25.11.2019


135 EUR from 26.11.2019 to 31.12.2019


155 EUR from 1.01.2020



Party Pass - Dragon Price


90 euro



Cancellation policy:
[Cancel before 16.12.2019, 75% of ticket price refunded] [Cancel before 6.01.2020, 50% of ticket price refunded] [then 25% until 15.02.2020] [no refund will be given after 15.02.2020)