According to His Majesty's request we're prepraring for you a special intensive classess with Sir Robert! 

 Robert Royston INTENSIVE!

We're happy to announce that an intensive workshop with Robert Royston will be held at His Majesty's court at King Swing!!! :)

2 levels! Each level gets 4 hours of workshops,

Newcomer+Novice, Intermediate+Advance

Intensive schedule:

We plan to start Newcomer + Novice level on Thursday.
We will share the details of the intensive on 22.10.2018 (Right after ESC ? ) once we have everything confirmed :)


70 EUR - one level

120 EUR - two levels (this option is available only for Intermediate & Advance dancers)
Price at the door: 80 EUR - one level (if it is not sold out before ;) )