There is no special need for the King to encourage you to sightsee his beloved city, because Kraków – with its magical atmosphere, wonderful architecture and amazing tourist attractions – makes the whole point for the King

However, to help you find your way through the abundance of museums, monuments, churches and cafes, the King ordered to prepare a short must-see list:

The Main Square in Kraków is the biggest medieval square in Europe and definitely most beautiful one - especially in the spring :) The King strongly recommends going to Mariacki Church (the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption) and to Rynek Underground permanent exhibition (even Sir Marcin Skalski got interested in this one, and he is the King's most skeptical knight when it comes to sightseeing :) Even Lady Kasia Skalska was not able to drag him... ekhm... that is, to convince him to visit other museums, despite her well known and much feared persuasion skills ;))


The King is a genuinely modest man, so at this point he will only mention that he owns original "Lady with an Ermin" by Leonardo Da Vinci and a servant dragon that lives in a cave below the Castle. Come ad see both, and if you ask nicely - the dragon will belch fire!



The former Jewish district of Kraków; currently – the district of culture and entertainment, going hand in hand with its historical background. The King probably shouldn't tell you this, but it does happen that he sneaks out at night to eat some of the finest toasted cheese sandwiches available on Plac Nowy and the legendary sausages sold near Hala Targowa. Fortunately, both locations are quite close to Hotel Qubus and the Castle, so he can be back in no time, before the servants let the Queen know that he is missing :)

The King decided that he does not need to spice up his life with anything but dancing, so he ordered to open the gates of his famous salt mine located in Wieliczka to the visitors. Tha salt mine holds, among other things, a salt chapel, a number of breathtaking salt chambers and an underground lake, and the King must admit that he is quite proud of this place :) Wieliczka Salt Mine features on the UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, so don't miss it! It takes only 20 minutes to get there from Main Station by a very convenient train, and about 30 minutes by bus from Hotel Qubus.


You can read more about our beautiful city here  :)

The King heartily recommends the services of his faithful servant Grzegorz Skalski, who is a professional tour guide and will be more than happy to show you the city.